Our Story

    We started like many startups do – with the dream to change the world. Make it a better place for everyone. All that we are and everything that we do still stays true to that dream. It always will.

    WukiLabs is about social transformation through technology and people

    Who we are

    We are a bunch of crazy people 😀 Some of us in our first job, some of us in our fifth. Some from cities, some from far-flung villages. Some with 5% attendance, others with 99.9%. Some academically brilliant, others hardly. Some with our hair tied up, others with theirs growing wild. Some who like to come to work in capris and others who like it formal…almost.

    We are an eclectic mix and we love it that way!

    Look at us and we look like chalk and cheese. Yet…

    There’s one thing that deep down inside, every Wuki has – passion for what we do.

    We love what we do. Have fun doing it. Be the best at it. And want the world to know that we rock… and how!

    Why we are

    Over 60% of the world still remains untouched by internet ~ UN, 2014

    Social innovation is the need to the hour.

    In a world of over 8 billion people, smartphone sales just about crossed the one billion mark in 2014 ~ Gartner, March 2015

    And while these are big numbers for grand things, there are also everyday social needs that need to be met for those who even have smartphones and internet. Such as mental health and emotional wellbeing, pet care and services, personal productivity analytics.

    It’s similar with machines and robotics. Similar with organization transformation consulting. As in information technology, there is a huge gap between the possibilities generated by research and the number of people actually benefitting from this access and knowledge on the ground.

    At WukiLabs, that’s what we are trying to do. Bridge the gap between what’s possible and for whom.


    How it started

    We started in 2013 – two friends wanting to do something meaningful with our time and ideas. Shreyas and Radhika quit their jobs, bootstrapped WukiLabs and the rest, as they say, is history!

    There are some things we have always been very clear about from the beginning:

    WukiLabs is a company idea – not just a product. It will always be a business house
    Our business would be bootstrapped. No early stage funding
    WukiLabs is here to stay. We were not setting up to build a great product, acquire customers and then sell for millions.

    Of course, we want the millions, but by creating enduring value

    Balance is key. The Yin and the Yang, if you may. How can we balance technology and people?

    How can WukiLabs balance social and economic? We take the whole systems approach