WukiWorks is anchored in the question, “Do we have the communities we need to feel supported in our lives?”


    While social networking is on the rise and is the fastest growing type of platform worldwide; there is also a raging, never ending debate about how technology, especially smartphones and the internet have made people more lonely, detached and disconnected. Mobile phone de-addiction is actually a phenomenon. How does one reconcile such contrasts?

    What if technology could help people feel closer to not only those who were far away but to those around you? What if it could help you make and keep new friends? What if it could connect you with those you know and those you don’t know?

    What if technology in our lives could transcend the virtual and enable something in the reality of here and now?

    The fact is technology is a tool for an idea. It is the means to an end in everyday life. Through our communities business, we leverage technology, especially software, to create communities of people bound by similar needs and interests. Our communities business helps people solve everyday problems for each other and feel supported in their lives.

    We make people feel together and connected, by using technology to build real-life communities.

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    Ado is community for those passionate about superior productivity and personal improvement. It is a simple, offline productivity app available to track your everyday tasks and ensure you can go back home and tell yourself, friends and family that your work for the day is done.

    With Ado, never worry about “Oops, I forgot” again!

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    INeedToScream is a global community centered around mental health and emotional wellbeing. You have the option to stay anonymous so you feel free to share openly, seek support and support others on personal or sensitive subjects.

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