Do we have the machines and tools we need to make our lives better? Simple+Robotics=SimBotics


    The basic philosophy behind any machine is to make the lives of its users better and easier. It is nothing short of ironical how many people today have become slaves to machines and how so much of the stress in our modern lives is attributable to machines.

    Seems like somewhere down the line, we as a global community, seem to have lost our way!

    @WukiLabs, we know for a fact that technology does influence our lives not only as part of large organizations but also as individuals in our everyday lives. With this in mind, we have took on a mission to work on ideas and build products that add to the pleasure of being alive.

    After all, what matters is not the years in your life, but the life in your years.

    We build products that improve the quality of people’s lives in small ways that make a big difference.

    Project Code Cat

    Ever wondered how much we rely on our senses to make judgements and decisions during the course of a single day. In fact, what appeals to our senses has a direct influence on our mind.

    Our perception of the universe is based on how we sense the things around us. 

    @WukiLabs, we are currently working on some cool ideas to see how our sense impact our productivity. Can we influence the senses externally to channelize our energy in the way we want? Using our senses to harness our own energy seems like the stuff that super hero movies are made of. We @WukiLabs believe that there is a hero in all of us waiting to be unleashed.

    We are neck deep in this super secret project already.

    Watch this space to keep track and know the latest updates on what we call Project Code Cat!