Glow Worm Consulting builds the leaders and leadership required to take us boldly into the future.

    Glow Worm Consulting

    Given the blurring boundaries between our personal and professional lives it is no wonder that we carry so much of our work life into our homes.

    Organizations in today’s world have a great power over our lives, which means they should, must and ought to be run well.

    We @WukiLabs believe it needs a lot more than technical expertise to lead and manage an organization.

    Our team’s strong background in people leadership and training is what helped us put the right foundations in place. And it’s what led us to build Glow Worm Consulting as a business vertical within WukiLabs. A vertical dedicated to enabling large and small organizations become change ready and grow sustainably.

    Our practice uses an organizational development (OD) approach to drive sustained results that accelerate the business goal or change initiative.

    We are passionate about making organizations as close to ideal as possible.

    Our clients

    We engage with diverse companies from small and medium enterprises (SME) to large multinationals. Some of our key engagements in the recent months have been with the following companies. 

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