The Code Ninjas @WukiLabs make technology work for your organization.

    Code Ninja

    The Code Ninja business was created with simple premise in mind – “Do we have technology solutions to everyday problems that might hinder progress?”

    We @WukiLabs view technology as an enabler, a stepping stone to achieving greater goals. We help build systems and platforms to help achieve client goals working with specific requirements of clients for new development or improving existing systems, including custom widget development, responsive website design, and innovative applications.

    We take pride in what we do and luckily for us, so do our clients!

    Our Clients

    Our clients are mostly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and entreprenuers setting up their own business. We also work with educational institutions wanting to make the most of the modern technology for academia. 

    All of our work is custom development including ERPs, ecommerce, websites and apps, helping more and more businesses gain greater and quicker access to markets and customers through technology.