Policies @WukiLabs

    Our approach to company policies is straightforward. We are a bunch of responsible adults. We work together. We all know what is ok and what is not. The purpose of company policy is to simply provide a broad framework that enables an inclusive, productive and happy work environment. So that’s what our policies do. In the bargain, we seem to have policies that our friends and allies have often dubbed industry best-practice: Here’s a peek into a few.

    Whether it’s biological or adoptive. Maternity or paternity. Parents are parents.

     All parents want the best for their children. And all parents deserve the same benefits from their companies. So we don’t have a maternity leave policy and a paternity leave policy and an adoptive leave policy. We have Parental Leave for all instances of new children entering the family. And it’s three months fully paid time for all. Yes, even fathers.

    Flexible work options support greater personal happiness and greater organizational productivity.

    We all love time for life and interests outside work. How wonderful it would be for an organization to support that! So we do. We have work from home, flexible work timings, 24/7 office access and choice between laptop or desktop individuals. In cases where required, we have also worked out part-time roles to support life events of team members.

    How does one decide to fall sick for exactly nine days every year?

    If you are sick, you are sick. And you need to focus on getting back to health. Falling sick cannot be planned and getting better cannot be timed. So it’s unlimited sick leave @WukiLabs. Almost always, it’s also fully paid.

    And there are more. You will hear about them from Wukis when you meet them. We love talking about WukiLabs!

    No one wants to remind themselves, their manager and the HR to complete confirmation after probation

    We love eliminating stress-causing and bureaucratic practices. So the first thing we eliminated was the confirmation process. Everyone @WukiLabs is automatically confirmed at the end of probation unless explicitly stated otherwise. No waiting for a letter. No follow-up. No stress.

    And there are more. You will hear about these from Wukis when you meet them.

    We love talking about WukiLabs!