Our office in Bengaluru is very special to us. It is our home for several hours a day. It is where we make things happen.

    A lot of thought has gone into designing the space we work in.

    For starters, we have an open office

    No cubicles, no offices behind closed doors, no partitions. Just one continuous space so everyone can see each other, work together, feel a part of something larger. And one meeting room with a large white board, a coffee table and a few chairs for those times when all of us need some time alone.

    Our office is a bright, colorful, creative space we did up ourselves

    We all took two days at work to buy paints, brushes, tape and anything else we needed, came to work in old tees and tracks, painted the office and covered it in our own art work. The color scheme of the office is our official color palette. Each wall has something two or more people worked together on. The art inspires us every morning and keeps us smiling through the day. The night we finally finished, tired and exhausted as we were, none of us wanted to go home. It felt so good! We sat a few hours, laughed, talked, shared a few stories and soaked in our bright new workplace.

    Ergonomics, health, accessibility and inclusion are key to our office design

    Chairs with adjustable back, height and armrests. Tables that allow for flat, wide, level spaces for computer accessories. Indoor plants for fresh air and oxygen. An office accessible by stairs as well as an elevator to allow easy access for people with disability. Extra-wide doors. A common bathroom for all genders and access to specific male and female restrooms. Large tinted glass windows to allow for natural daylight in office till sundown. These are some of the simple things we kept in mind to create the perfect workplace.

    When everyday basics are taken care of, people can forget routine worries and focus on completely work.

    This simple philosophy underpins how we set up our office with the best possible amenities. Over time we put together the maximum comfort and benefits into the workplace. 

    A fully equipped pantry with oven, refrigerator, electric kettle, induction stove, utensils and cutlery; a mini-gym with a treadmill, gym ball, bull worker, weights, yoga mats, personal lockers and foot massager; a complete bathroom including a hot water geyser and shower cubicle; a mini-library with fiction, technology and management books!