Careers @WukiLabs

    There are three great ways to make WukiLabs a part of your career journey. The How To Apply section on this page will give you all the details you need.

    There’s one amazing thing about careers @WukiLabs – you can be anything as long as you are brilliant, passionate and an excellent team player!

    Short Term Summer Internships @WukiLabs

    Long Term Project Internships @WukiLabs

    Full Time Careers @WukiLabs

    How to apply

    All three options of Summer Internships, Long Term Internships and Full-Time roles are open for you at WukiLabs.

    Currently, we have 5 openings for Summer Internships starting June-July 2015 (6 to 8 weeks). We also have 5 openings for Long Term Project Internships starting June-July 2015 (5 to 6 months).

    • Email us at with your cv, or
    • Post on our facebook wall, or 
    • Tweet us with the hashtag #internship2015 and tag @WukiLabs

    Please remember:

    1. We care about passion for technology and would like to see as much project work as possible
    2. We might put you through a coding challenge where you will need to code a small piece if applying for software developer roles. If applying for hardware/ electronics/ robotics roles, relevant challenges might be set
    3. We take pride in hiring people with a Wuki inside them. Read more about us to explore if you will be a cultural fit

    Do note:

    1. We do not care about the academic scores that you have got or will get
    2. We do not distinguish based on which campus you come from
    3. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on grounds including but not limited to religion, language, caste, sexuality or gender

    Full time careers:

    At this time, we have not posted any full-time positions with us. However,

    If you are brilliant at what you do, you will always have our attention.

    If you would like to know more before you apply, get to know our businesses and hear from our Wukis their experiences at work!

    Send us your resume with project work that will make us sit up and notice. We might just create a position for you.