My experience as a summer intern at WukiLabs was a wonderful experience. It was the first time I worked on a live project for a company. It helped me learn a lot of things, more importantly the things I should not do. I was never the brightest of learner and neither the most efficient in working but at WukiLabs, I discovered the passionate and progressive learner and the active worker in me. I was a ghost of my own past, with no perfect picture of what I should do, my passions and interests were burnt down and I was pushed into engineering. I had no idea what I was doing or what I must do.

    At WukiLabs, I found out that it’s not important where you are from or where you must go. What’s most important is where you are.

    I was given a wonderful opportunity to create, learn and progress in my life. The first day was pretty much difficult as I was lost and confused with the locality, I was very late, I missed the photo session. Thankfully I was just in time for all the major discussions.

    Let me introduce the team, Shrey and Radhika, founders of WukiLabs. Ferdi and Abhishek, full time employees and Pratik, a law intern, who left to pursue his masters in law after a week of our internship, but had us all miss his presence.

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    At first I felt the team was too footloose and friendly for any professional company. I completely felt comfortable working here and I lost the fear of companies and working, which I was made aware of by the people outside. The intern group consisted mostly of my college mates and three others from other colleges. We had a formal introduction with everyone. We discussed the work plan for the coming month, and few basic theory concepts on how to do a project, where to start and how to progress. Then each individual’s work was highlighted and their requisites were also discussed.

    The following week we were experimenting with the Linux machines and installing various softwares and tools. This was just the beginning of our work. We, in parallel, learnt about all the required things, like the programming languages, libraries and frameworks, which we would be using for our work. The week was filled with a lot of learning. When I fell ill with severe cold, everybody at WukiLabs were very friendly and helpful.

    Fits and starts, bits and pieces I made progress in the given work. Honestly I was hooked on by the fear of not completing it, later I had a discussion with the entire team. After the discussion I was given permission to reschedule my plan and get something worth reviewing and a definite time span, which I myself had to decide. I don’t know if any other company would grant so much of liberty on work not done. I put a lot efforts to cover up, and finally stuck in a toss up. I had a feeling that I might turn up into a loose cannon, in terms of this project, WukiLabs helped me build confidence and go ahead with the project. I was not able to present my work in the final review. But I had made sure that I would try and not lag behind too much.

    This was my experience in my summer internship, it is really indeed a small step towards my career, about which I had been warned and threatened since childhood. As I recall, the words are still fresh “The world outside will be intense, you will have to struggle a lot to survive. There is too much of competition. You have to run or else you will be a broken egg.” Finally I came to a point laughing at all those things. This single step is very important in building my own legacy. I don’t know what will be the future. My past filled with many memories, good and bad, is dead and I don’t care about it anymore. The present is all I got to prove myself, I received a wonderful opportunity to prove myself at WukiLabs. I am progressing and doing something wonderful.

    With hopes as high as the heavens and the support of WukiLabs, I was able to learn and create wonderful things.

    My co-interns were a bunch of wonderful people . WukiLabs had a unique and wonderful collection of fun loving people. They were always helpful. The tag Wuki did make me feel proud, following the heart and doing what we want to do. Sounds wonderful.

    The  environment at WukiLabs made me feel so much like myself, that a is wonderful feeling which many don’t get to experience because of corporate pressure and other reasons.

    I would like to conclude, by explaining the title of the blog. A single step towards work, a giant paw mark in my legacy. Paw mark happens to be the company logo of WukiLabs, a sign of progression towards something. It just puts all the experiences I had in WukiLabs into a single sentence. I feel so privileged to have such a wonderful company offering me an internship. People brag about interning at huge corporate companies, going through many things.

    But my question is what is the point of being at any position in any place, when you don’t get to be yourself?

    I realized a glorious old phrase which said, “Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean”. I may not have the capacity to go through the entire ocean, but with whatever drops I had, Iwas never confident in doing anything productive. But at WukiLabs, I was able to do a lot of things. It was here that I found the Wuki in me.

    This article was written by Satish, our summer intern from the batch of 2014 before he left back for college to complete his engineering degree. What do you think about Satish’s views? Does it sound like your internship experience or very different? Tell us more. Leave a comment in the comments section below.


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