Unlocking My Life With WukiLabs!

    ‘This is it, Mayank. This will change your life’, is what I had thought just before my internship interview by WukiLabs. And every word has come true.

    Here are my top 12 experiences of 2014 with WukiLabs.

    #1 My Life’s First Interview

    The interview was unique – I have said this before and will say it again. No marks card required. No aptitude test. No formal dress code or language. I felt at home. Shrey and Ferdi comforted me during the entire interview and it felt so different than what the seniors had told me about other company’s interviews. This organization was unconventional.

    #2 A New Definition To Coding

    Working at WukiLabs, I got a new definition for programming. I was encouraged to do research first, then code and improve the efficiency during code. Deadlines do matter here, but learning comes first. As I had been coding for a few years, I had developed certain habits. Shrey, geek ninja, helped me unlearn those and persuaded me to follow coding guidelines.

    #3 Open Office

    This office is home. No cubicles. No mobile-use restrictions. No id-cards. Amazing ventilation. Bed, bread, shower, flowers, foot massager, you can find everything here. When I had certain doubts regarding open office design, Radhika, the second founder, told me it’s collaborative ideas and a great end product that matters. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of projects on-the-go. As I thought about it, I realized, it was due to this that, Abhishek, software developer, was able to assist all interns during internship with ease. You can work at your desk or from home. Your choice. I have come to realize that open office is a symbol of freedom.


    #4 Purpose – Why We Do What We Do

    It is one of the favorite statements that you’ll often hear here. People here believe that it’s more important to know the whys than the hows. That is the mother of innovation. WukiLabs encourages inquisitiveness. And that is not limited to professional life. For example, Ferdinand, marketing lead, engaged with me on several religious questions that I had since I joined this wonderful team, as a friend, outside work. Personal conversations are encouraged if people want to have them.

    #5 Setting Up A Startup Office

    I love technology. To witness and become a part of setting up a new office is breathtaking. The energy involved and the power you have to give shape to your vision feels empowering. I am inclined towards software, but while setting up the office with my team, I was introduced to many new hardware do-you-knows by Rohan, hardware engineer. The result? I would say, it revolutionizes the way you look at software.

    #6 Comic con, Bangalore 2014

    One thing about fellow professionals at WukiLabs, or as we like to call them, Wukis: they end up becoming your super friends. Any exciting event which happens in the city, you name it, we’ll be there. Like a few months back, we all went to Comic Con and man I felt so proud to be in the same team as Dipesh, designer, who was part of the team behind a debut graphic novel! If you are talented, then Wukis are cheerleaders!


    #7 Coorg Biking Trip

    I have a biker inside me. During the days when I was not still a part of WukiLabs, I used to see their facebook page and admire all the work and fun they have. Little did I know that I would not only be a Wuki pretty soon but be on another unofficial biking trip with the team. The thrill shook me to the soul. It can’t be expressed in words. It is adventure like these that we share together in WukiLabs that brings us closer. We also went to Mysore zoo and the Village hotel on the way. Fun times! While returning, we visited a monastery too. As if the aura told me all these years I seeked WukiLabs and I found it.

    #8 Playback Singing

    If you’re a Wuki, you’re playback singer, you just don’t know it yet!

    We celebrate everyone’s birthday at WukiLabs. It was Radhika’s that day when we surprised her by going to a recording studio! We all sang our hearts out man! Bryan Adams would be happy to know that we live upto his song ‘18 till I die’!

    #9 Volunteering At Desire Society

    We recently visited a society which helps children who have HIV/ AIDS. It was educational and emotional. Educational because I came to know so much more about HIV. Emotional because I realized their every single day is so much different than mine. What we take for granted is a sometimes a luxury for them. When I came to know that not only was my organization conducting an event at this society but was also undertaking the task of teaching the children on a regular basis, my love for WukiLabs multiplied manifolds!

    #10 Dont Waste The Waste

    At WukiLabs, we often stay over each other’s place. One such time while at Shrey and Radhika’s, playing XBOX for free, I noticed a wonderful painting of a tree on the wall behind. It had old used CDs and DVDs as leaves. People here encourage waste reuse and truly such small happenings help you grow into a more responsible citizen.


    #11 Celebrating Differences: LGBTQ Pride March

    Being a Wuki, you are encouraged to be aware. WukiLabs team was a proud participant in the Pride March Bangalore 2014. With such close interactions with an often suppressed section of society, you develop a great insight and understanding. Such episodes complete you.


    #12 We Can Be Anything

    You get an offer letter as a software developer. But at WukiLabs, you keep discovering yourself. Last week we went for Paintball! I was an army warrior and I discovered I am pretty good at stealth-mode. It was so much fun! The experience of discovering the hidden talents in you is priceless. The organization helps you explore new things about yourself and the world. It helps me grow everyday.


    Well, to conclude I want to say I just love WukiLabs, guys. I am on my way to unlock my life. People realize at 40+ years their true calling and settle for their passion. I’m lucky to have that life right now… at WukiLabs 🙂



    By Mayank Mohan Upadhyay, Summer Intern @ WukiLabs

    Mayank was a part of the WukiLabs Summer Internship Program 2014 and was offered a pre-placement offer as part of the program. Mayank is now back in college to complete his engineering and will join WukiLabs as a Software Developer in June 2015. He built the android offline productivity app Ado during his internship with WukiLabs in 2014.

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