Okay! There was a summer internship registration form on the rounds and as usual I filled it up with very little expectations. None of the companies I had registered for, turned up for hiring interns. There was something different about  this company.

    “WukiLabs” as it read on the form, the name itself caught my complete attention.

    It was the day of the personal interview. I was still recovering from chicken pox but I still came to college…to meet friends and feel better. I had my internals that day which I skipped because I wished no more to score “good” marks. I reached college on time and was waiting eagerly for my first interview. When it was my turn, I went through mixed feeling of happiness and fear. As I entered the room and sat in front of the interviewers, I was very nervous and overwhelmed.

    Wl Blog-internship-nasir-27may15

    Damn, I wished I was not there. Shrey and Radhika both asked me questions on what I had on my resume. Due to the nervousness, I lost my confidence and just spoke whatever came to  my mind. I walked out of the room disappointed and felt I had screwed up my interview.

    Hell I was wrong, I got selected!

    It’s been almost four weeks since the first day at WukiLabs and I still remember the very first day I stepped into the office. As I took my first step into the office, out came the greeting from all my fellow “Wukis”. It was a warm welcome and I felt happy being where I was. I was handed over my first “offer letter”… it was an emotional moment for me. As the day progressed I was looking forward to learn a lot of things in the days to come.

    The first few days at WukiLabs I learnt what engineering had never taught me.

    This was when my long lost dream of becoming a software engineer came back to me. Every day there was something new to learn. I got to know many new things which I had never seen in any of those many textbooks I had read to clear my exams.

    Riding everyday towards office was tiring because the traffic in Bangalore makes a 10 minutes journey as long as an hour. But at the end of the day it was worth all the trouble. All the days that I spent at WukiLabs I worked hard and passionately to achieve my objectives. I built the user interface of the app I was working on and was happy getting feedback from my friends.

    I can say with happiness that I have matured as a programmer and I am confident that I have the knowledge to face the industry when I complete my engineering.

    My days at WukiLabs have been the best so far. The warmth and memories I take from here will always stay in my heart.

    This episode of my life makes me say again that I am proud to be Wuki.

    This post was written by Nasir for the WukiLabs Team before he returned to college after his summer internship to complete his engineering education. What do you think about Nasir’s experience? Curious how we make WukiLabs the workplace that it is? Ask us your questions and leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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