From what I had heard, internship seemed like a mammoth task. The only thing I was clear about was that I wanted an entirely different work experience compared to that of my everyday college experience. This summer internship opportunity was indispensable in giving me exposure to an entirely new work area and also in helping me foresee my career path. I knew I had to take the once in a lifetime opportunity of stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new avenues. With this thought, I registered myself for the summer internship program with WukiLabs.

    In my endeavour to get a strong stepping-stone for future opportunities in my career, I was very excited to be able to be a part of WukiLabs Summer Internship Program, an internship that met all of my predefined criteria.

    Walking through the doors at the WukiLabs building for the first time on a Friday morning, was an experience that created mixed emotions within me. Having just completed three years in Engineering, and one year left, I felt I was entering an industry that I should be knowledgeable in. Yet here I was, confronted with a number of new challenges that after three years of engineering, I was still just as inexperienced as I was before my life as a student began.

    Admittedly, no new graduate will have all the experience required to allow them to walk straight into a job and feel totally at ease on their first day; but other than the ability to type, engineering hadn’t taught me anything that I could put into practice in the ‘real world’.

    WL Blog - Gana Ramesan

    Many of my fears evaporated the moment I saw the team waiting for me with a huge grin as I opened the door. The only time I had seen Shrey and Radhika before now was  at the interview, but here they were with the rest of the team 9 AM on that Friday morning, ready to spend a month attempting to show me that this IT world is as fulfilling and fun as it is made to appear on their website. And believe me…it is. To many of the people who work and have had to endure years of computer screens, long hours and the hum of office life, this way of life is something they may be trying to escape, but for me, it was all new and exciting.

    I got my own desk, my very own mug and was even presented with ‘The File’ on my first day.

    ‘The File’ contained my very first offer letter (yay!) which I went through like a bible, and a mockup  of what tasks we would be working on for the rest of the month. It was these little things that made me realise just how much I was looking forward to finishing engineering and entering the working world.

    Nervous? Yes. Excited? You bet. Did I have any idea how the rest of the month was going to turn out? Not at all.

    On the second day as I started working, I just felt so comfortable and welcomed; the nerves from the first day had completely vanished.

    I had very little real-world experience — I’d never coded professionally before – so, I was really excited and really nervous. I spent the first couple of days understanding code. Later I was given the opportunity to play around with code and create something before actually beginning with the project. That experimenting period was not just fun but an eye opener (which didn’t strike me that time). It showed me all the things I can do by just sitting in front of the computer in one place and how much deeper I could go still sitting there. How did I do my project?

    WukiLabs taught me one thing: You understand before you implement. And it applies to everything you do. That simple mantra will change the way you look at things.

    You start questioning a simple set of codes, what is does, why it’s doing it, how it’s doing it. And once you find those answers yourself; you won’t forget it, even if you try to.

    My internship at WukiLabs would have not been the same without all “Wuki people” I have had the pleasure to work with. They made sure I had fun every single day. You heard it right, FUN. With them as my mentors I couldn’t ask for more.

    They have been a guide, a friend, in every possible way. They made sure I was in the right path in whatever I was doing, and patient enough to go through with every problem I had with my project and help me come up with a solution. Every day at WukiLabs has given me something to be very excited about: the snack bars, the delicious lunches, coffee breaks, random  sessions, the opportunity to work on some really cool stuff with very smart people, and most importantly, being part of a company that is caring and honest.

    What you learn in the classroom is great, but it’s only when you actually apply your textbook theory to the real world that you understand how it all really works! What I’ve discovered so far is that sometimes you can forget the textbook constraints, you can make your own rules – be creative! Because at the end of the day no two people are the same, everyone is unique and each person has a different way of seeing things and conveying an idea. Which is why, WukiLabs lets you use your personality to your advantage and apply it to all areas of your work so that you can differentiate yourself within your industry. And that’s really what WukiLabs is all about – coming up with a different concept that will stand out from the crowd and draw people in.

    I have got a foot in the door of a career I am now 100% sure I want to get into.  I know where my talents and interest lie, and I’ve become a more confident person at the same time.



    By Gana Ramesan, Intern @ WukiLabs Summer Internship Program, Batch of 2014. After her internship, Gana has now returned to HKBK College of Engineering from where she will complete her graduation this year. Gana will be joining WukiLabs as a full-time employee on completion of her degree, a role she earned through a pre-placement offer after a job well-done during her internship.

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