In this series, we share quick tips for developers to make their code more accurate, efficient and scalable. Today’s Developer Tip Of The Day: Keyboard Shortcuts

    What are keyboard shortcuts? How do they work?

    This one, may be a ‘duh for quite a few people. Keyboard Shortcuts are essentially, quick key combinations which perform one or more repitative actions. For most programs, you can actually, customise these shortcuts so that it is convienient to you.  Using tools like AutoHotKey, you can pretty much auto mate any task that you would ordinarily use a mouse for , minimizing any click you need to make.

    Why should I use keyboard shortcuts? Can’t I just use the mouse?

    In most of the cases, Yes, you can use the mouse. However, using keyboard shortcuts will not just improve the speed that you work at, your hands also get less stressed for example, a simple test is, on a daily basis while working on files we save the file at least 40 times. on a average it takes about 2 secs to find the menu item and save the files whereas the keyboard shortcuts is pretty instantaneous.  Over the week, you realise, that you may just save over 10 minutes.

    Just using three such shortcuts could then save you 30 minutes each week – enough time for a physical workout!

    How do I remember all these keyboard shortcuts?

    1. Practice makes it perfect. Most keyboard shortcuts over a period of time become second nature
    2. Another method to learn would be, the next time you click any menu item more than 3 times in a day, look at the shortcut usually placed on the right side of the menu item
    3. Some people find it useful to print a few shortcuts and stick in fornt of them. You could print a few at a time and replace them with news ones once you remember the old ones. Post-it notes could work well too

    You may take a while to pick these up. Over a period of time, you will increase your repetoire. In the long run using keyboard shortcuts pays off tremendously.

    Developer Tip Of The Day: Keyboard Shortcuts



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