I am the youngest member of the team at WukiLabs, though I have been associated with WukiLabs even before I became an active member of the team. My outlook of the functioning of the team, therefore, is from a point of view of someone who has been in and out of the organisation and has made some observations.

    For me, as interesting as my project is, something else that has always fascinated me is not what is done but the way things are done at WukiLabs, right from conducting meetings to having fun.

    In this blogpost, I am going to use our 2014 new year’s eve celebrations as an example of what I think sets us apart from other startups. An example of the work culture that imbibes enthusiasm and breathes life to the passion of every team member and boosts their morale to work for greater achievements. And I have broken it down into the five simple rules.

    Tip 1: Plan to have fun

    To ring in 2014, , the team and the founders had planned to spend a fun evening at office. The plan was set a day in advance for the 31st evening. It was decided that 31st December would be a working day until 5 PM and after which evening plans would begin. We also knew and agreed we would wrap by 9 PM so everyone could have their plans with family and friends outside of work.

    Tip 2: Don’t lose sight of work priorities

    However, amidst all the plans for merry making, none of the members of the team and the founders themselves, could get their mind of the priority of the projects to be delivered. The day started on a very high energy note with nice breakfast at the office. Following which, the development team sat fixed on the job of completion of a project. In the meantime, the marketing team and I also sat down to work.

    Tip 3: Get the team to bond over common interests

    The mention of “nice breakfast” should have been a give-away. But just to make it obvious, the entire team at WukiLabs is a foodie. Everyone loves to eat and everyone loves pottering about in the kitchen, albeit with varying degrees of proficiency.

    So call it the working style at WukiLabs, amidst all these work pressures, to keep up the festive mood, the founder herself prepared a delicious chocolate cheese cake which was savoured by all members of the team.

    Then a little while later there was a beautiful lunch prepared, which had all members of the team contributing their share of effort to it, except the ones who were already on high alert for the project.

    2014 new year's eve lunch

    Lunch time was like the usual day in office when, the whole team sat around chatting about plans for that night and other normal talks to get the pressure of their heads. But the highlight of lunch was when everyone forgot their tensions and indulged in a round of photo sessions followed by some amazing dessert. Like I said, food always gets this team together.

    2014 new year's eve @ WukiLabs

    2014 Team Time @ WukiLabs

    Few hours that followed lunch were totally concentrated on work. But, the excitement started building up as the clock was about to strike 5 PM.

    Tip 4: Stay on track but always be flexible

    The clock struck 5 PM and the marketing team was ready to party but the crisis in the development team still continued. Hence, the marketing team patiently waited and utilized their time in doing some creative work. Around an hour later, two members of the development team joined the others and the party began with drinks and games.

    Tip 5: Remember it’s all about the Team

    The team members along with founders were engrossed in a fun evening by playing Pictionary. Playing together made all of us to work together as a team even outside of our restricted work fields; we were friends and not just colleagues. We were depending on the other team members’ crazy drawing skills or exceptionally good guessing tactics to win. The last game of the evening was Dumb Charades, where people ventured into the avenues of crazy enactment of movie titles given to them. We were all rolling uncontrollably with laughter by the time we were done.

    This is essentially what WukiLabs stands for – interdependence, working together and having fun while at it.

    The best part was that, through all of this, the driving force in all our hearts was that the evening was to bid farewell to the year that got all of us together and to welcome 2014 that would strengthen our bonds as friends, as colleagues and as a team. 2014 new year’s eve was a clear depiction to me of all the aspects of the work culture of WukiLabs.

    And more importantly, how a strong work culture can drive a startup to do the right thing and be successful: the commitment because of which, till the end of the day, the team worked and ensured that the project was delivered in time, and not sidelined  because of the party at office; at the same time, living every moment of life to the fullest, which is imbibed in the heart of every team member who, at their leisure, joined the rest of the team and enjoyed new year’s eve; a broader outlook for the future and a ‘never-give-up’ attitude.

    It shows in the levels of excitement within every team member, to start 2014 with more motivation and a stronger determination to achieve higher levels of success.

    It all started with me reading an article about how to motivate your team and feeling thankful that I was in an organization that was doing things right. Let us know what you do to make your organization a great place to be.

    Wishing all of you a successful 2014 on behalf of WukiLabs!


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