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About Us

An early stage startup wanting to create a happier community and enable people to follow their passion, we believe it's time for 'different' to become the new normal.

Who we are

We are a Bangalore-based start-up, excited at the idea of delivering products and services that do not exist in markets that need them. It is not surprising that everything we do is technology-enabled since we believe that technology makes things easier, quicker and most importantly, more accessible to a wider audience.

What we do

We run a core technology business specializing in delivering customized solutions to technology challenges faced by small and medium enterprises. Some of our past work includes custom ERP development and innovative apps for media. We are currently expanding our business with clients in Europe.

The Wukis are also working on this super-secret idea to help other devious freaks like us pursue what they like doing best while also helping them make the moolah for their hard work. So if you are sick of people telling you that what you do "is good for a hobby" and is not something serious, watch this space. We might just be able to help each other out.

Errr... Wuki... What?

Ever since we incorporated and went public with our name, we have been inundated with questions on what our name means. So it is only befitting that we add a section that explains it!

WukiLabs Technologies is a name with three elements very close to our heart and therefore to our businesses: Wuki, Labs and Technologies.

  • Wuki®
  • If you made a Star Wars association, you were not far off the mark. Wuki is inspired from the mythical character Wookie. A Wuki stands for loyalty and commitment; values we consider vital to our interactions with all our stakeholders, including our employees, clients and the communities we operate in or service.

  • Labs
  • Like most of us do, we associate labs with our chemistry labs in school where we played around, made mistakes, let loose our creative energies, mixed things up and learnt a lot. We also associate labs with more serious inventions, many of which in diverse fields have come out and made the world a better place, right from light bulbs and telephones to medicines and airplanes. Labs for us stands for creativity, constant experimentation and finally, innovation in our products, services and practices.

  • Technologies
  • It's simple. Technology does power everything we do. Not just as large corporations or institutions but as ordinary people doing everyday things. Leveraging technology to solve simple and complex issues is the way to go and that is what WukiLabs is here to do. Technologies for us stands as a reminder to create, use and help others use diverse technologies that make businesses better and life easier.

That's WukiLabs Technologies for you: Automation, Innovation, Commitment.

Meet The Wukis

Shreyas Narasimhan

Director & Co-Founder

Shrey, as he likes to be called, is an IT engineer with a passion for robotics, autonomous drones, dispelling myths around technology and teaching children programming. After his time working with the exotic derivatives trading desk, he is obsessed with systems being efficient, user-friendly and secure, and people being hard-working, smart and high on integrity.

For him, WukiLabs is about playing with technology, finding interesting business opportunities and creating unique products and services.

Radhika is a learning and development professional with a passion for making organizations as close to ideal as they can be. Talent, performance and training are interests she continues to pursue with organizations and educational institutions. With a background in economics and human resources, her pet obsessions are sustainable businesses and relationships.

For her, WukiLabs is about creativity, freedom, making clients happier and communities richer.

Radhika Subramanian

Director & Co-Founder

Abhishek is a computer science engineering graduate who is passionate about web technologies and likes to bring people closer to the internet world. He enjoys sharing information about the latest in technology and helping people with their technical issues.

For him, WukiLabs is a place to dive into and explore diverse technologies, and create something unique and interesting that adds value life.

Abhishek Nath


Ferdi is an electronics graduate with a diploma in international business, known for his enthu in exploring the unexplored and commitment to continuous improvement by asking “why not?” He believes ‘being of service’ in everything you do and giving back to the world is the highest way of living.

For him, Wukilabs is a place to invent New Life – Life you would love to live.

Ferdinand Udaykumar

Marketing Lead

A final year Law undergraduate, Pratik is a free-thinking, level-headed guy who always looks at the positive ideas to divert society away from the shackles of prejudice and hypocrisy, and bringing a positive change in the field of law keep him preoccupied. The performing arts are his passion.

For him, WukiLabs is a life-changing organization, powered by enthusiasm. It is a platform for him to prove that his crazy ideas are worthwhile afterall.

Pratik Dash

Legal Intern

You.. Yes, you there. If you think you are a Wuki at heart, and would like to join our team, have a look at our Careers section.

Want to work with us?

Careers @ WukiLabs

Our Services

Our core technology services are diverse in frameworks used as well as in areas addressed. We focus on end-to-end technology solutions for our clients and work with you from the initial idea or challenge to implementation and finally, maintenance. If you have a business requirement for us or would like to know more about what we do, drop us a line.

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Business Consulting

The business consulting arm is a niche vertical that looks at consulting with start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises for real-life challenges they face and how these can be addressed using technology. We not only advice on the most appropriate technology to be used, but also offer our services in building and maintaining the solution so that consulting does not stop before implementation. We have worked in sectors such as media and retail and delivered solutions using CSLA.NET, ASP.NET (MVC , Razor, EF), PHP5+ (Yii / custom frameworks).


Technology Implementation

In addition to the technology build that comes to us as part of our consulting services, we also work with specific requirements of clients for new development or improving existing systems, including custom widget development, responsive website design, and innovative applications. Past projects have dealt with varied frameworks including NodeJS, Socket.IO, RaphaelJS, jQuery, HTML5.

Platform Creation

We want to create platforms where none exist to enable more people to leverage the power of technology. Our alternative careers platform is one such project we are working on.

Open Source Development

WukiLabs loves Open Source. We use open source wherever we can and contribute upstream, whenever we can. Watch this space for updates on our latest open source contributions.

Join us. Turn ideas into reality

We are putting together a kick-ass team of Wukis

We are looking for people who are smart, fun, spirited and willing to put every effort in making a startup a success.

A Wuki is never too far from the "Internet's"

We work Online! We love collaborating with people across the globe.

Psssst... We do have an office in Bangalore, India. Message us if you would like to drop in for coffee. (We will make sure that you don't get pounced on by our super-secret robo-assasins. Beware, ignore this message at your own risk) :D

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Our office

WukiLabs Technologies Pvt Ltd.
23-29 (S6&S7), White House
St. Marks Road, Bangalore
Karnataka - 560001

+91 (80) 2584 6397

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